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They are more appreciative of overseas assets, multiple income streams, and they will also consider future events that would positively influence how much you would pay. For example, they can consider future investment returns, salary increases, upcoming bonuses, liquidity events, etc. This is particularly important in the context of recent reports calling for more stringent regulations. According to a report by finance and economics Professor Kevin Dowd, if property prices begin to fall, equity release loans will become a loss-maker for their providers.

Our friendly team of expert advisers are ready and waiting to take your call today. If you have any questions, take a few minutes and get a free, no-obligation consultation. We can answer your questions and give you an idea of how much you could borrow.

For some, it will be a way to supplement their existing pension savings to enjoy a more comfortable retirement. Others might want to carry out home renovations, perhaps to make their home more suitable for their needs as they get older, and need the funds to carry out that work. We are ready to help you when making amends to the ownership of your property. There is usually equity release wise (£90-£920 depending on the property value) to complete the registration. If a couple separates, assets will need to be divided up – a home is normally the most significant one. Add equity release to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

However, it seeks to go further by providing a briefing on the economic and legal environment. Experienced advisers may consider some material in the book to be common sense or information that they already know; however, the book also contains insights into things that they may not deal with every day. The material addresses what the products are, and how things are done, but enriches this bringing together of knowledge by explaining why things are done. Making a decision about whether or not to release equity from your home is not straightforward.

90% of all providers are accredited to SHIP, but it is still worth checking so that you don’t fall foul of the unscrupulous 10%. Since 2014, all equity release is required to be sold as part of an official advised process, and checks are made on whether the provider has followed rules and guidelines. Roll up mortgages – No monthly repayment is needed, and the interest is ‘rolled up’ or added to capital borrowing. The strain of making those monthly mortgage repayments can be a worrying presence when you retire. Equity release is worth exploring as a way to help alleviate those worries. Equity release enables homeowners aged 55+ to release money tied up in their property without selling.

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