Securities Fraud

This often happens when brokers chase the high commissions offered by risky investments. Over-concentrating happens when a broker puts a large portion of investment funds into only one investment. It exposes you to unnecessary risks and serious losses if the investment goes bad. Our team of attorneys have decades of relevant experience successfully resolving these types of cases. However, there are certain time restrictions that the defense may use to infringe on your case. Your attorney will be aware of these statutes of limitations and will do everything possible to keep the culpable party from taking advantage of you in your attempt to secure your investment losses.

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert for over five years now, and every interaction with him reminds me that he is smart, quick, responsive and a consummate professional. He possesses an impressive memory and excellent attention to detail, and his thoroughness is a virtue that my colleagues and I have learned to appreciate greatly in every case of his that we assist with. As a final positive reflection of Robert, his staff is highly skilled and always welcoming. I would most certainly recommend his services to family and friends without hesitation. “For the best fighting chance, Robert Pearce is the lawyer you want in your corner.”

Stock Loss Lawyer

A common form of stock manipulation involves a brokerage pouring its own money into a stock, inflating the price through increasing demand by misrepresentations and omissions, and high-pressure sales, leaving investors holding the bag. Some jurisdictions require that clients be ultimately responsible for case expenses. To learn more about our contingency fee representation for investment fraud victims, contact our firm. Our securities FINRA arbitration attorneys work on cases involving stock broker fraud and investment misconduct dealing with millions in investment losses. When an advisor or broker takes advantage of you and your investments, you are entitled to compensation.

The Investment Fraud Lawyers

Schedule a consultation and gather as much information as possible from the person you meet. You should also ask around for referrals from people you trust, such as friends or family. Taking these cases to trial on behalf of an individual investor may be cost prohibitive. However, pooling all the individual investors’ cases into one large lawsuit, called a class action, so that the losses can be recovered on behalf of all injured investors, justifies the costs. Our attorneys have an extensive understanding of the securities laws and FINRA policies. We also benefit from our practical experience in and around the securities industry.

Purchased, in your home country or a different country, problematic investments issued in the United States?

With the support of a 700+ attorney firm and the resources necessary to take on the most complex investment and securities cases, theBusiness Trial Groupis dedicated to achieving the best possible result in your case. Many investors, for example, are not made aware that variable annuities have long holding periods that may commit their money long-term and are very expensive. While any gains in variable annuities are tax-deferred, variable annuities are also subject to the market and come with high surrender charges for early withdrawal as well as other penalties. If you “buy on margin,” you’re purchasing stock by borrowing from a broker. The plus side to using a loan from your broker to buy stock is that you can buy more than you’d typically be able to. The downside is that you will accrue interest on your marginable securities, and it will continue to accrue unless you decide to make payments.

Back in the 1990s, Mr. Dennin represented investors across the country against the notorious boiler room, Stratton Oakmont, and its principals, including Jordan Belfort. Mr. Dennin tried five separate cases against Stratton Oakmont and its principals, and never lost a case. avaulta mesh lawsuit against Stratton Oakmont, made infamous through the Hollywood movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” recouped substantial seven figures for Mr. Dennin’s clients, including, punitive damages, attorney fees and costs. If you give written permission for him or her to make trades for you without necessarily speaking with you each separate time, then that trading should be based on the overall conditions that you give when you open the account. If they’re not, the broker can be held liable for breach of fiduciary duty. If you claim churning in a court of law, it will be examined in light of your customer information about income, tax needs, and risk tolerance.

They fail to report outside business activities and offer unsecured investments to their customers. Your broker seems to earn large commissions, even when you lost money. Achieving a negotiated settlement through mediation avoids the additional costs of arbitration. With simplified procedures compared to litigation, the costs of pursuing a claim in arbitration can be significantly less than the costs of taking a case to trial.

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