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Click the dates on the website to view each session via Live Stream. Click the dates on the website for cooking demos to view each session via Live Stream. Online login information to view and/or participate will change from meeting to meeting. To access information for each meeting, go to the City website and find it posted on the agenda.Click here for agendas, meeting minutes and more info. Discover All Newport Beach offers, including holidays offers, etc.

Authors may bring prepared material, double spaced, with a copy for each attendee. Content may include short stories, personal essays, a magazine article or poem. Reading time depends upon class attendance. RSVP is required, so contact the group leader. Join Doug Brown to discuss different 6-20 page short stories each week. Members are expected to read the story before class, but the story will be read in sections out loud in class to facilitate discussion.

Topics will include news, magazines and movies. Participants are asked to bring an article to share with the group. From time to time, a speaker may present a special topic. Takes place in the OASIS Library. A unique link will be provided to access the class following registration.

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Beginners to experienced bowlers welcomed. Takes place at the Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club, located at 1550 Crown Drive , Corona del Mar. For more information, visit the Club website at This class is dedicated to improving writing skills by presenting readings, then receiving critiques.

Pharmacy Drug Store Newport Beach also has the patience to deal with irritated customers. newport coast pharmacy provide excellent service and pay attention to the moods and wants of their customers. Their pharmacists treat their patients with respect, which makes their service exceptional. The use of WebMD Provider Directory by any entity or individual to verify the credentials of Providers is prohibited.

The compounds are available in different forms such as injectables, capsules, lozenges, and suppositories. The Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy has a lot of experience treating doctors and patients with challenging wound healing. To best suit the patient’s condition, they can manufacture a number of drugs in various combinations and dosage formats.

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She specializes in preparing monthly bubble packs to ensure patient compliance. She enjoys using her creativity to publish content for the pharmacy and oversees the social media presence. Outside of work, Miranda spends time with her son & boyfriend, going to the beach and exploring local parks. Join this group to openly discuss current events in a friendly setting.


Prescription antiseptic medicines are also available for use in the treatment of septic wounds. Compounded drugs come in a variety of forms that can be used to treat a wide range of wounds. We provide a valuable service by cooperating with physicians and patients to create pharmaceuticals that are tailored to specific needs. We are professionals in pharmaceutical compounding science and practice. Our team of experts can take care of all of your pharmaceutical needs, including the following. Over the last two decades, we have developed relationships with the physicians, hospitals and patients in our community.

Yvette Casal is the instructor. This class should not be taken unless you have previous MELT experience. This class will combine hydrating length techniques and stabilizing strength techniques to address the weak links that damage joints and inhibit your body’s ability to function optimally. Information to join the Zoom meeting will be sent by the instructor once online registration is completed. Please bring a mat and water to drink. Please contact the instructor for a list of equipment needed, Check the newsletter for dates, times and costs.

Also available via Zoom for virtual attendance. Led by Andrew Deming, this class provides seniors with fun, challenging and safe boxing workouts they can use to keep their bodies and brains healthy. Bring a yoga mat, towel and water. Purchase these on your own (12 oz. size gloves). Email if you have any questions. Check the newsletter for dates, times and costs.

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