How to Fix Blurry Images on Blogger

Those who constantly read my blogs have maybe noticed that for the last month, my featured pictures were blurry on the main page and this issue was bothering me a lot. I can’t tell you how many posts and forums I read in a month. After all, our articles are important, but it is not pleasant to present them to the readers in a bad way. Many bloggers are searching for how to fix Blogger pictures blurry. Now we are going to complete the guidelines and fixed Blogger pictures blurry. Yes, it’s advised to resize and compress your images before uploading them to your blog for the best result.

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If you want to get a close-up, it’s better to take the photo without the zoom and crop later with an app. Zooming in will also make the camera shake even more pronounced – a recipe for a blurry picture. Friends How do you fix a blurry thumbnail For Blogger and WordPress, You can comment on how you like this post. Blogging and WordPress related posts can be found on this site regularly.

First, open your blogger dashboard and go to themes you can find their downward arrow and press their and press the backup button. @nm1com I tried switching to one of the twenty themes and the problem still persists. I checked my plugins and deactivated/deleted all the unnecessary ones.

How To Fix Blurry Image in Blogger Website

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An image with the width of 800px will look awful with s320. Get your daily dose of tech content from Geek Instructor! We publish tricks, tips, news, reviews, fixes and how-to tutorials on various tech topics including Android, iOS, social media, and more. If you know about Blogger template coding, you can find that code by yourself, otherwise, contact your template developer. If nothing works, you can try to change your Blogger template.

However, my pictures were the ones I always used and I hadn’t made any changes. The blurry pictures on the main page were clear when I opened the text. Which made me think that the problem is not in the picture.

I was advised to start making use of to compress my images. Ever since I started doing that, my blog load time has improved. Images with good quality are a nice fit for blog posts.

Your blog or website hosted by BlogSpot multiple bloggers needs to face this problem. Do you want to fix a Blogger picture’s blurry in this case Blogger pictures blurry is should be considered. Copy the URL and paste it in the Header settings in the HTML. Now your header is full size and not blurry. I’ve tried an image optimizer plugin, regenerate thumbnails as well as changing the settings in media, but nothing works.

This makes the second, third and later pictures less blurry. This method works with iOS 7, although for Android devices you will need to download an additional app. Community member and EyeEm Ambassador Chris Prakoso shares some tips to avoid getting blurry images when photographing with your phone. So these are some methods that can help you to fix the issue of blurry images on Blogger. If you know any other better solution, please share it with us in the comment section below.

Similarly, if you still did not try the new UI, you can click “Try the New Blogger”. A quick solution is to replace s72-c with s72-c-k-no. You can search for s72-c inside your blogger theme HTML file. But if your custom or 3rd party theme is encrypted then you will not find it untill you decode the HTML code.

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